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stands for excellent  Taste and culinary style.  We offer  authentic cuisine  Californian  kind, unique burgers, and more.

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Burgers, Fusion, Vegan | with Gorilla Barbecue

Since 2014 Gorilla Barbecue has been standing for delicious burgers and BBQ, but also for the exciting tastes and aromas of Californian cuisine, which are based on fresh, seasonal ingredients and influences from different cultures. From classic American home cooking and lively Mexican flavors to delicious Asian fusion and classic French cuisine from the Napa Valley. California is a real melting pot of tastes!

Gorilla Barbecue Catering

Naturally  we serve our famous and popular burgers, BBQ and fries. But we also offer a wide variety of catering options  more upscale  Kitchen for any type of event that yours or yours  company  plans!

Gorilla Event Catering

Gorilla food truck

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Weddings, Movie shooting or festival. The gorilla food truck for your  Event in Berlin and Brandenburg. Rock'n roll!

Gorilla Foodtruck

We serve  straight from our original  US food truck, as a classic  Catering setup or in mobile operation. We offer you  as well as   location-independent  Food truck  or stationary catering service in first class  Quality in any  Shape and size - in Berlin, Brandenburg and beyond!

Gorilla BBQ | Food truck & catering on the fly



We at Gorilla Barbecue are happy to meet you  To be able to offer high quality and award-winning catering services for all types of events, parties and events ...

Your event - ours 


Gorilla Barbecue

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Gorila Barbecue - Berlin's Best Burger

Organic, homemade, award-winning

All of our dishes are prepared by hand with carefully selected ingredients. The meat is fresh from our butcher and the rolls are baked every day in a traditional Berlin family bakery!

We are proud of it   3x winner of the  BERLIN's BEST BURGER AWARD  and (hold on!) too  BERLIN / BRANDENBURG's  BEST FOOD TRUCK 2021  to be!


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+49 152 34671030

Dieffenbachstraße 47

10967 Berlin

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Book the award-winning catering service for your event now!

Book the award-winning catering service for your event now!

+49 (0) 170 600 92 42

Dieffenbachstrasse 47

10967 Berlin

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